At the Family Business Resource Center, we believe the most important asset of a family business is the family behind it. The complexities of family relationships can make the difference between a family business that prospers for many generations, and one that fails to succeed. We understand the unique issues, problems and potential for business families.

The Family Business Resource Center works with North America's leading family businesses to strengthen family relationships... and family businesses. Stronger family relationships make stronger, more enduring family businesses.

Let our experience be your valued resource.

It would be our pleasure to talk with you about any questions you have or problems you face. Please call or send us a message.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services to help family-owned businesses include: 

  • Planning for orderly and effective succession transitions
  • Creating family councils
  • Resolving family conflicts that weaken the business
  • Addressing clashes between different generations of family business members
  • Developing new leadership and executives
  • Solidifying governance issues
  • Building stronger teams

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“The Daughter Also Rises”

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