“The Daughter Also Rises”

What do you do when you’re the daughter picked to run the Smith family business and the firm is called Smith & Son?

Family business consultant Anne Francis explores issues of family relations and business succession in her definitive, engaging and practical book, The Daughter Also Rises.

The Daughter Also Rises will help you:

  • Determine whether you want to join the family business.
  • Assess your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader.
  • Create a career-development plan to guide you through a challenging and fulfilling career.
  • Learn the most common problems and best practices of families in business.
  • Find solutions to family conflicts that can damage the business.

In this book, you’ll meet real business families with real stories to tell about their successes and struggles as they face their most challenging and most important task: finding the best successor in the next generation. You also will benefit from Francis’ thirty-plus years of experience working with business families facing this critical issue.

The Daughter Also Rises gives you a behind-the-boardroom-door look at the unique and often highly charged relationships, problems, and possibilities that business families face. Anyone wanting to know more about how intimate relationships strengthen—or impede—the effectiveness of business managers and owners will benefit from Francis’ counsel.

This is a must-have guide for women and men in family business, and a critical resource for leaders and managers who want to tap the full power and talent of women and men in the workplace.

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“The Daughter Also Rises”

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